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Phone Sex with Aisha

I expect you to spoil me - I expect you to give me anything I want & tell me how much I deserve it. I'm 25, hot, ruthless, & I will get deep inside your mind.


Phone Sex with Alannis

You are beneath Me, I know it, you know it, so let's just admit it now and move on. You will serve Me, you will cater to My every whim, and you will worship Me.


Phone Sex with Brandi

Don't let my angelic face fool you, whereas most Dominas rule with an iron fist and a heavy whip, I rule with a soft whisper. Delicate, sweet, and oh so commanding.


Phone Sex with Chastity

There is nothing chaste about Mistress Chastity. A lifestyle Domme, this Mistress possesses a preternatural understanding of your deepest and darkest desires.


Phone Sex with Clara

You simply don't have what it takes to make me cum. I need it hard, dirty and nasty....and a pencil dick won't cut it. But I will make sure you leave me with a "little" taste.


Phone Sex with Denver

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.



Phone Sex with Doreen

Are you in need of a good spanking? I'm a thick, Greek goddess with strict rules!!! I know you've been naughty and I'm ready to teach you a lesson you won't soon forget.


Phone Sex with Eve

Did you honestly think you stood a chance with me? You sit there, all bad ass, thinking you can please me? What, obviously too kind, woman lied to you and told you THAT was enough?


Phone Sex with Helga

Sometimes you need an Amazon to keep you in line. One handy with a whip, or a over the knee spanking. One capable of dressing you in your party best, and showing you off to her friends.


Phone Sex with Henrietta

A voluptuous lady like myself should like big dicks, long and hard ones that can really satisfy me. But I must admit...I love you teeny dick men too. You boys just give me such a giggle!


Phone Sex with Kathy

Every Friday & Saturday night my husband rushes home, only to find out that I am already gone. Out partying with men I deem worthy of my attention. You see, hubby is very poorly endowed...


Phone Sex with Liana

I know from the start my husband had something special. Something pink, frilly, and poofy beyond belief. So I took my small-cocked husband and turned him into my girlfriend.



Phone Sex with Maisy

I slept with my husband the first couple of years of our marriage, but after awhile, I needed more. Not that little pissy excuse for a dick he has. Now make it a habit to fuck whoever I want...


Phone Sex with Ophelia

I enjoy things that defy convention, being a walking contradiction makes me extremely happy. I like playing with taboos, being left of center in my life, methods and appearance.


Phone Sex with Paige

There is nothing like having my pussy filled with a huge cock, black preferred! I love being stuffed full and rode hard! But, I married a teeny little one. So now he only gets to watch...


Phone Sex with Sandy

Now before you begin drooling too hard all over my pictures, you boys need to do me a favor. Go fetch your measuring stick, take down you pants, and see how big that cock is.


Phone Sex with Shay

I will make you beg. Beg to touch me, beg to please me, beg to be near me. I will tease you. Making you so overcome and intoxicated with arousal that you won't know which end is up.


Phone Sex with Twila

If you don't have have at least 7-8 inches, then don't bother. I'll make those balls blue and humiliate the hell out of you. I've been around the block and I know what I like.

Phone Sex Rates

Call us: 888-468-1090

$2.50 Per Minute

*20 Minute Blocks Are Always $40.00* (calling from U.S.A. only)

2-Girl Calls / $3.99 Per Minute

3-Girl Orgy Calls / $5.99 Per Minute

Calls Outside The U.S.A. / $3.99 Per Minute


(10-Minute Minimum)

(All Calls Will Show On Your Credit Card  Statement As "Chloe Enterprises")

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